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Bakers Pride Grates

Search by Serial Number

Enter your serial number just as it appears on the equipment capital letters, hyphens and all to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

  • Bakers Pride 21840532 Grate, 24", CBBQ-30S/60
    • Part #: 21840532
  • Bakers Pride T1217U Grate, Meat, 4-1/2", CH/XX 360-degree spin
    • Part #: T1217U
  • Bakers Pride T1013A GRATE; TOP FLAT 6-3/4 X 17-1/2 360-degree spin
  • Bakers Pride T1183T Bottom Grate, Fajita, XX Models 360-degree spin
  • Bakers Pride T1242X Grate Assembly, Short, Bottom 360-degree spin
    • Part #: T1242X
  • Bakers Pride T1243U Grate Assembly, Bottom, Long, 31-9/16", XX-6/XX-12
  • Bakers Pride G1290U BOTTOM GRATE BURNER SHIELD ASSEMBLY; 360-degree spin
  • Bakers Pride T1016Z GRATE; BOTTOM;SS EXPND MTL; 40
  • Bakers Pride T1197X Top Grate, Roll-A-Grate, 9", Standard, CTB/LCB 360-degree spin
  • Bakers Pride T1205Z GRATE, BOTTOM,SS EXPND MTL:22-
  • Bakers Pride T1015Z GRATE; BOTTOM;SS EXPND MTL [SG
  • Bakers Pride T1242U BOTTOM GRATE ASSY; SHORT [XX]
    • Part #: T1242U
  • Bakers Pride T1203Z GRATE; BOTTOM;SS EXPND MTL:22-
  • Bakers Pride T1064X GRATE, BOTTOM SS (SET OF 2)[SG
  • Bakers Pride T1201Z GRATE, BOTTOM,SS EXPND MTL:22X
  • Bakers Pride 21840635 SUPPORT;BURNER/LOWER TOP GRATE
  • Bakers Pride 21880880 WELDMENT, GRATE LIFTER; MEAT
    • Part #: 21880880
  • Bakers Pride G1055X 3RD LEVEL GRATE SPPT BRKT, 10-
  • Bakers Pride G1056X 3RD LEVEL GRATE SPPT BRKT, 16-
  • Bakers Pride G1057X 3RD LEVEL GRATE SPPT BRKT, 21-
  • Bakers Pride G1058X 3RD LEVEL GRATE SPPT BRKT, 26-
  • Bakers Pride G4094X GRATE ASSEMBLY [CSRB4]
    • Part #: G4094X
  • Bakers Pride G4096X GRATE ASSEMBLY [CSRB6]
    • Part #: G4096X
  • Bakers Pride G4098X GRATE ASSEMBLY [CSRB8]
    • Part #: G4098X
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