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Lang Elements, Heaters & Platens

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Enter your serial number just as it appears on the equipment capital letters, hyphens and all to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

  • Wells 2N-303375UL Element, 208/240V, 1650W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-303375UL
  • Wells WS-50398 Element, 240V, 1200W, Warmer 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-50398
  • Wells 2N-45431UL Element, 120V, 750W, HMP 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-45431UL
  • Wells 2N-46681UL Element, 120V, 1650W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-46681UL
  • Lang K9-11160-21 Heater Tube, Quartz, 104V, 1800W for 208V Units 360-degree spin
  • Wells WS-50396 Element, Warmer, 120V, 1200W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-50396
  • Wells WS-506272 Element, 120V, 825W, SS8T/10T 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-506272
  • Wells WS-64485 Element and Pan Assembly, 240V, 1200W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-64485
  • Lang K9-11160-19 Heater Tube, Quartz, 104V, 1200W for 208V 24" Units 360-degree spin
  • Lang 2N-11120-12 French Plate/Element Assembly, 208V 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-11120-12
  • Wells WS-503843 Element And Pan Assembly, 208/240V 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-503843
  • Wells P2-WL0081 Element/Element Pan/Hi Limit Assembly 360-degree spin
    • Part #: P2-WL0081
  • Lang K9-11160-17 Heater, Quartz, 208V, 1800W, 36" 360-degree spin
    • Part #: K9-11160-17
  • Wells 2N-46660UL Element, 240V, 1200W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-46660UL
  • Lang 2N-11120-14 French Plate/Element Assembly, 480V, 2600W 360-degree spin
  • Lang K9-11160-15 Heater Tube, Quartz, 208V, 1200W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: K9-11160-15
  • Lang 2N-11030-31 Element, Griddle, 480V, 5991W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-11030-31
  • Wells WS-64486 Element/Element Pan/Hi Limit Assembly, 120V, 1200W 360-degree spin
  • Wells 2N-300706UL Element, 240V, 1650W, 12 x 27 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-300706UL
  • Wells WS-506273 Element, 240V, 825W, SS8T/10T 360-degree spin
    • Part #: WS-506273
  • Wells 2N-30496UL Element, Grill, 240V, 2250W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-30496UL
  • Wells P2-WL0085 Element And Pan, 208V, Ss206 360-degree spin
    • Part #: P2-WL0085
  • Wells 2N-300166UL Element, 208V, 1650W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2N-300166UL
  • Wells P2-WL0070 Element And Pan Assembly, 120V, Mod100 360-degree spin
    • Part #: P2-WL0070
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