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Perfect Fry Elements, Heaters & Platens

Search by Serial Number

Enter your serial number just as it appears on the equipment capital letters, hyphens and all to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

  • Perfect Fry 83339 HEATER ASSY, 7.2KW 240V 1PH
    • Part #: 83339
  • Perfect Fry 83151 HEATER ASSY,5.7KW 240V 1PH
    • Part #: 83151
  • Perfect Fry 83132 ELEMENT, 5.75KW, 208V #6ET910
    • Part #: 83132
  • Perfect Fry 2EA002-C Module Heater, 400V, 7200W, 3PH
    • Part #: 2EA002-C
  • Perfect Fry 83341 HEATER ASSY,5.7KW,400V,3PH
    • Part #: 83341
  • Perfect Fry 83155 HEATER ASSY,1.87KW 120V 1PH
    • Part #: 83155
  • Perfect Fry 2ET763-C MODULE HEATER 3750W 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2ET763-C
  • Perfect Fry 6EA003 ELEMENT FIREBAR 7200W 400V
    • Part #: 6EA003
  • Perfect Fry 2ET762-C MODULE HEATER 3000W
    • Part #: 2ET762-C
  • Perfect Fry 6EM001 ELEMENT BOTTOM PFM 120 VAC
    • Part #: 6EM001
  • Perfect Fry 6ST816-C TOP HEATER BOX
    • Part #: 6ST816-C
  • Perfect Fry 83131 ELEMENT, 5.7 KW, 240V
    • Part #: 83131
  • Perfect Fry 2ET922-C Element Assembly 5.75KW 208V 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 2EA001-C Heating Element, 240v, 7.2KW 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 8ET900-C Module, Heater, 240V, 5700W 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 6ET910 ELEMENT TUBULAR 5700W 208V 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 2ET760-C Element, 120V, 1.875KW 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 2ET002-C Module Heater, 400V, 5700W, 3PH 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 6HA029 Heater, Ceramic, Infrared, 240V, 6HA029 360-degree spin
  • Perfect Fry 2CT001-C KIT,3PH ELE BX NO ELEMENT
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