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Star Transformers

Search by Serial Number

Enter your serial number just as it appears on the equipment capital letters, hyphens and all to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

  • Star 2E-05-07-0351 Transformer, 115 to 10V, 6VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-05-07-0351
  • Lang 2E-31400-07 Transformer, 120-208-240/24V, 40Va 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-07
  • Star 2E-05-07-0350 Transformer, 230 - 10V, 50/60Hz 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-05-07-0350
  • Wells 2E-Z5741 Transformer, 208/240V to 24V, 50/60HZ, 40VA 360-degree spin
  • Wells DD-43929 Transformer, 240-16V, M4200 360-degree spin
    • Part #: DD-43929
  • Lang 2E-31400-26 Transformer, 208/240V to 24V, 40VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-26
  • Lang Y9-31400-26-1 Transformer, Primary 208/240V Secondary 24V, 40Va 360-degree spin
  • Star 2E-Z5741 Transformer, 208/240V, 24V-40VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-Z5741
  • Lang 2E-31400-15 Transformer, 480/24V 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-15
  • Lang 2E-31400-04 Transformer, 480/240V, 100Va 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-04
  • Star 2E-Z15018 Transformer, 208/240 to 12 Volt, 40VA, 50/60HZ 360-degree spin
  • Lang 2E-31400-12 Transformer, 240V to 12V, 50/60HZ, 10VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-12
  • Lang 2E-31400-W36 Transformer, 480V to 24V, 50/60HZ, 40VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-W36
  • Star 2E-Z11465 Transformer, 230V to 10V, 50/60HZ, 10VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-Z11465
  • Wells 2E-301454 Transformer, 208/240V to 24V, 50/60HZ, 20VA 360-degree spin
  • Lang 2E-31400-27 Transformer, 120 to 24V, 50/60HZ, 40VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-31400-27
  • Star 2E-Z15335 TRANSFORMER, 208/240 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-Z15335
    • Part #: 2E-31400-08
  • Star 2E-Z9090 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240V
    • Part #: 2E-Z9090
  • Lang 2E-31400-21 TRANSFORMER 120V/12VAC 10VA UL
    • Part #: 2E-31400-21
  • Star 2E-Z5162 TRANSFORMER, 120/24-40VA 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-Z5162
  • Star 2E-Z2974 TRANSFORMER 230V/10V CE 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 2E-Z2974
    • Part #: 2E-31400-16
  • Lang 2E-31400-19 TRANSFORMER 240/120VAC 150VAUL
    • Part #: 2E-31400-19
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