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Tri-Star Manufacturing Burners

Search by Serial Number

Enter your serial number just as it appears on the equipment capital letters, hyphens and all to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311026 Burner Tube, Straight, Steel, TRSB
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311012 Short Venturi Burner Range, 8.53 lbs 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-330311 Infrared Burner, Large, 8" x 27 1/2", 35K BTU 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311014 Burner Range with Air Shutter, Open Top, Rear 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311140 BURNER;LONG VENTURI ECONOMY RA 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-330349 BURNER;CERAMIC IR MEDIUM W/WAV 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-310266 HANGER; BURNER 360-degree spin
    • Part #: AS-310266
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311139 Burner with Short Venturi, Economy Range
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-340364 BURNER;U SHAPE CONVECTION OVEN 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-300269 BURNER; FRYER UNMARKED 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 300340 Infrared Burner, Ceramic, Small 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 380510 Valve, Jet Burner
    • Part #: 380510
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311013 BURNER RANGE SHORT VENTURI UNM
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 380210 Burner, 3 Ring, 2 Valve, Stock Pot 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 311014 Burner with Air Shutter, Open Top, Rear 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 380131 WELDMENT; BURNER; 3RING 3 INLE 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 300209 PILOT BRACKET
    • Part #: 300209
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 300411 BURNER;INSHOT COUNTER FRYER
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 310376 SUPPORT; BURNER CROSS TSR-48
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 311282 HANGER, BURNER GHPI 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 370910 BURNER; SHORT BAR TYPE WITH SH 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 380511 BURNER;JET 18T NAT BURNER 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 360112 BURNER; H-TYPE DB-2 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 360112
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 311015 BURNER RANGE LONG VENTURI UNMA 360-degree spin
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