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Tri-Star Manufacturing TSR10 Parts & Manuals

TSR Range Series Oven

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  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311011 Gas Safety Valve, TSR Series
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 2V-R3273A VALVE, LML-15 1/8-27X3/8-27 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-310326 Thermostat, 500F, Oven, TSR Series
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-310226 Regulator, LP 360-degree spin
    • Part #: AS-310226
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-312510 Knob w/o Stars, Black 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311012 BURNER SHORT VENTURI RANGE TRI 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-360111 Thermostat, Griddle, 24" Capillary
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-310123 Spark Ignitor, Manual Push Button
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-300226 ORIFICE;PILOT BELL3/16LP FRYCV 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311027 Pilot Adjustment Valve, 90 Degree, 3/16"
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311014 BURNER RANGE LONG VENTURI TRI- 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-360162 Knob, Off-Lo-150-400-Hi, Griddle Thermostat
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-301051 ORIFICE HOOD #51 3/8-27 X 1/2 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-311016 GRATE; TOP 12 X 12 RANGE
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-390210 Caster without Brake, Swivel Plate, 5", Single
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-390211 Caster with Brake, Swivel Plate, 5", Single
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 312510 Knob, Black, Off-Hi 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 311014 Burner with Air Shutter, Open Top, Rear 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing AS-310354 Gas Pressure Regulator, Natural Gas
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 311011 Pilot Safety Valve, Baso, Natural Gas/Propane 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 310123 Spark Ignitor, Piezo, Push Button 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing R3273A Valve, 1/8"-27 x 3/8"-27 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 310326 Thermostat, Oven, 500F 360-degree spin
  • Tri-Star Manufacturing 360111 Thermostat, Bjwa, Griddle 360-degree spin

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