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Ultrafryer F-E21-14 Parts

Ultrafryer F-E21-14 Parts & Manuals

Electric Fryer
  • Ultrafryer 18A301 Relay, 24V DC, DPDT, Control 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 18A301
  • Ultrafryer 18A103 Contactor, 24V, 60A, 3 Pole 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 18A103
  • Ultrafryer 18A034 Relay, 24VAC, Flange Mounted 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 18A034
  • Ultrafryer 23A103 Indicator Light, Red, 24 Volt 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 23A103
  • Ultrafryer 23A278 Fuse, SC-60, 60A, Buss 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 23A278
  • Ultrafryer 143-000014-002-C Contactor Retrofit Kit, Mercury to Mechanical, 3 Pole, 24 Volt Coil 360-degree spin
  • Ultrafryer 23A277 Fuse Holder, 480V, 60A, 3 Pole 360-degree spin
    • Part #: 23A277
  • Ultrafryer 12B089-C PIPE, DRAIN PDE 1.5IN DIAMETER
    • Part #: 12B089-C
  • Ultrafryer 18A364 SWITCH, HI LIMIT BI-METAL 435F ELECT
  • Ultrafryer 18A365 ELEMENT, HEAT 208V 10.25KW LIF
    • Part #: 18A365
  • Ultrafryer 18A367 PROBE, TEMP 91K THERMISTOR EDE
    • Part #: 18A367
  • Ultrafryer 18A371 SWITCH HI LIMIT 425F EDE
    • Part #: 18A371
  • Ultrafryer 23A428 BLOCK, TERMINAL 3 POLE 600V 175A
  • Ultrafryer 24A204 VALVE, BALL 1 1/2IN FULL W/ LOCK MECH
  • Ultrafryer 22A621 COMPUTER, COOK U25 W/ EMI UPGR
  • Ultrafryer 12B089 PIPE, DRAIN PDE 1.5IN DIAMETER
  • Ultrafryer 18A026 CONTACTOR, MDI 360N0-24A-18 60

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